Telluride Christian Fellowship (TCF) Online Church


Sunday : 9:00am Facebook live! - 10:15AM Worship Service in Telluride- Wednesdays 7 pm (MST) Soaring Singles group Zoom Meeting - Thursdays: 12:00 PM (MST) TCF Prayer ministry via Zoom Meeting

Telluride Christian Fellowship (TCF) Online Church

Telluride Christian Fellowship Online Church (TCF Online Church) is an internet-based group that serves people who want a more interactive and accountable online church experience. TCF Online Church participants enjoy regular interaction with pastors David and Theresa Cannon and other online members through social media and other specific avenues of communication set up by pastors David and Theresa.

Each participant will be prayed for on a regular basis.  Pastoral care,  encouragement and training to accomplish the work God has called them to do will also be made available. Every week participants can connect to TCF Online Church live or archived broadcasts.

Transition or work: Many believers are not in a local church because they have not yet been able to find the right congregation. TCF Online Church offers believers a place to connect with other followers of Jesus who desire to grow in their relationship with God and are pursuing a naturally supernatural lifestyle until they find or establish the “right” local church.

Other’s, due to work schedules, cannot attend regularly scheduled gatherings on Sundays. TCF Online Church offers “on-demand” viewing each week so members can connect no matter what time zone they live in. Pastor David and Theresa are also able to connect with a member’s unique schedule.


Location: Many believers live in remote areas where travel to a local church is difficult or where there is a lack of churches that preach an authentic Gospel and believe in the supernatural. Others are not able to leave their home due to transportation or health issues.

TCF Online Church helps these ones belong to a community of believers, receive prayer and pastoral support, have access to fresh teaching of the Word and receive training in living and ministering in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

What does the TCF Online Church look like?

Each participant will receive an upgrade of pastoral CARE. 

    Communication upgrade

    Access upgrade

    Responsibility upgrade

    Equipping upgrade

Communication: Participants are offered opportunities to connect with a family of believers from across the world and also opportunities to receive more personal pastoral care with a pastor via social media and online communication platforms. 

Access: Participants will also receive more access to the ministry of David and Theresa as well as the other TCF Leadership team. This could include weddings, funerals, coaching sessions, etc.

Responsibility/Accountability: TCF Online Church offers prayer coverage for each participant and their family. Each participant will have opportunities to develop deeper friendships with each other as well as with David and Theresa.

Equipping: Opportunities are offered to TCF Online Church participants to join on Missions trips and outreaches led by TCF leaders or ministries associated with Telluride Christian Fellowship. TCF Online Church offers opportunities for training through online courses. Each participant can access each Sunday morning church service via and participate either live or at their own convenience.

David and Theresa respond to personal emails, questions, prayer requests, etc. They have a phone line that the TCF Online Church participants may call. 

Throughout the year, opportunities are made available for TCF Online Church participants to be trained through special events and online equipping seminars. Our heart is to cultivate the nature and ministry of Christ in each TCF Online Church participant, so that they will be equipped for every good work.

How Does An Individual Become a TCF Online Church Participant?

1.    Be willing to watch, listen or read the weekly broadcasts and postings.

2.    Be willing to build relationship with pastor David and Theresa through email and text interaction and occasional phone calls.

3.    To become a participant of TCF Online Church, please contace us at and request a Participant Form: This provides us with the necessary contact information, allowing us the opportunity to connect with you in a more personal and ongoing way.